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Download the Membership Form (As banks require an original signature for a Standing Order this form cannot be completed on-line. Print out and post completed form to address shown)

Reasons to become a Member

* You will be staying in contact with old friends
* You get priority booking for ‘Members Only’ events
* You will automatically receive you own copy of Muckross Mail
* You will be informed of coming events
* You will be supporting our charitable endeavours
and paying by Standing Order reduces administration costs for the PPU and
ensures your membership is always up to date

If have not yet joined the PPU or have let you membership lapse for some reason, we would encourage you to join now.

If you have an email address please email it to muckrossppu@gmail.com and we will add it to our address book. That way we can notify you of coming events and news of the PPU. Also if you have changed your email address let us know.

If you have moved house remember to send us your new postal address so we can send you your Muckross Mail newsletter.

Download the Membership Form